VPN Remote Access User Guide

What's VPN?

You can access many TUI DX systems remotely on the internet for example DSP, JAM, C4C, Office 365 email, etc. However, other systems are not available on the internet and also require a secure VPN access.

The benefits of connecting via VPN are:

  • Your computer will automatically get updates and security fixes which are very important to avoid security incidents like the 'Wannacry' virus
  • The TUI DX PC inventory will be automatically updated with your computer information and your software licenses will also be updated
  • You will be able to login into TUI DX systems that are not accessible directly on the internet including:

    After recent cyber security events around the world, we ask that if you are ever working outside of your office, that you always connect your TUI DX computer via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

    How to connect VPN (before user log on)

    To connect via VPN check this video guide:

    How to connect VPN (user already logged in)

    To connect via VPN check this video guide: