Destination Management migration to User Guide

What is this guide

This guide is an IT support self-help for colleagues from Destination Management, Intercruises and Pacific Wold moving to TUI Destination Experiences. All will get soon a email and credentials to access several TUI DX Systems.
By the moment they will keep their current,, emails.

As soon as your personal account is created it will be forwarded to your current DM email address.

Until your office or device (PC, iPad, Smartphone) is supported by TUI DX IT, your main support will stay with:

TUIDX IT support

Once you start to access TUI DX systems you can contact TUI DX My Servicedesk to request support. To acess My Servicedesk portal use your credentials (name.surname without

If you cannot access My Servicedesk portal click here to get the full list of world wide local phone numbers for TUI DX My Servicedesk.

Please take a look to these TUIDX self service links before contacting My Servicedesk: